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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Wow I haven't posted anything in FOREVER!

I never got my level 2 freestyle audition up either. I'll do that.

I got my results back finally for my online and freestyle level 2 auditions!!! I passed both with level 2++!! I'm on my way to level 3! I'm so excited!

Elliot's been soo good! We've been working on getting fit and in shape and building muscles and fattening up. I need to put some "after" pictures up to go with the "before" ones I've got. I'm interested to see the difference. He's been looking so good lately.

I'm going to be going to college soon too. I'm going to BYU-Idaho for a semester this fall. I'll be doing general studies there. Then I'll probably end up transferring to University of Maryland to do an Equine Management Major. I'm also planning on starting some courses with Parelli soon. I might do a four week course in the spring that will start me off on becoming a Parelli Professional. :D I'm so excited about what the futur will bring!

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  1. Yai for BYU-Idaho!! :] I would say don't transfer to UMD and stay in Idaho...but we'll likely be in California that winter so we wouldn't see you anyway. So never mind. :D