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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday & Hill Therapy Week 1 Day 1

Yesterday was a fun day. My little sister, Carolyn, came to the barn with me and we went on a short trail ride with her on Elliot and me on Bravo. She's working on some confidence issues right now. Some pretty extreme confidence issues. I really don't know why she's so unconfident and nervous when she's riding. She really is a good rider otherwise and she looks great on a horse. She's blessed with a naturally good position. So we just have to take it slow and have consistency until she starts to feel more confident with things just like with unconfident horses.

After Carolyn went home I had a lesson with a 12 year old girl named Ali. She started taking lessons from me a few months ago at the beginning of winter. She stuck through it all winter through the freezing cold weather and everything so she must really like it! :] She's already getting to the point where she wants to jump and canter! lol. I have let her go over a few very small jumps and she really likes that. Yesterday when she came she started out on Elliot (I still had both horses tacked from just getting back with carolyn) and we did some work offline. Usually I have the 12 ft line on so I can get control if I have to. Yesterday though I had her on Elliot while I was on Bravo and we were trotting doing transistions playing follow the leader and everything and she did great!! Then I let her get on Bravo in the round pen and she got to canter a bit. She did so good. She's really progressing fast. :o)

So Elliot and I started hill therapy today. We found a good hill in the mare's field that we could use. I didn't think he did bad. He seemed like he had a bit harder of a time going to the left then to the right... hm, how interesting... Honestly I'm not the greatest at being able to tell things like he's pushing himself up the hill with his back legs or he's pulling himself up with his front legs. But I'm working on being able to recognize things like that. So any comments about how you think he's doing are helpful and appreciated. Thanks. I'm putting up a video of his first hill therapy session from today. I also took some "before" pictures so I can compare them to the "after" pictures later and see if it made a difference in the end.

Sorry, I didn't know when I clucked that it was so annoyingly loud on the camera. My bad. I'll remember that for next time. It's hard holding a rope, camera and carrot stick all at the same time. And going to the left he was pulling on the rope a bit more so it made it even harder so I didn't hold the carrot stick that time, hence the clucking for encouragement to keep going instead of the carrot stick.

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